We Have Best LED Wall packs Light 55w 5000K – 6500 Lumens

68 $


FEATURES: Our outdoor LED WALL PACK uses the latest AND the best lighting technology for long life, and high efficiency ; NEW SLIM AND SLEEK DESIGN. UL , DLC , CE, ROHS Approved; one of the BRIGHTEST on the market. Luminous Flux: APPROX 6500 LUMENS; Color Temperature: 5700K; shatter proof; Read More

Defining Dimmable and Non-dimmable LED Downlights

12 $


"What are Dimmable and Non-dimmable Downlights? While non-dimmable downlights are the normal ones without any add-on features, dimmable downlights have a feature in them you can use to set the right ambience. Dimmer switches are added to dimmable LED downlights so you can regulate brightness of the light easily, just Read More

LED Troffer Lights Now the Default Choice of Many

44 $


The troffer market is now undoubtedly dominated by LED Troffer Fixtures. This rage has its own reasons, to say the least. Rapidly advancing LED technology has made people switch to it without giving a second thought. Minimal energy consumption, instant start, absence of toxic chemicals, and longer life-span are but Read More