Application Areas of LED Tube Lights

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LED tubes are quite versatile as they can be used just about anywhere. The only limitation they face is that they cannot provide upward and downward lighting simultaneously (take for instance office luminaires suspended from the ceiling above and emitting light both ways). Industrial production premises, retail stores, warehouses, parking Read More

Fitting Room Essentials That Help Customers Make the Decisions

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When it comes to clothing, more than 50% (a major chunk, that is!) final decisions are made inside the fitting room. A shopper’s experience starts at the entrance to your store and if or not they go to the billing counter before exiting depends largely on the fitting room. Fitting Read More

Can I Use Pole Lights to Illuminate Parking Lots?

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Pole lights- vaguely referred to as street lights- can well be used to illuminate parking lots as well as school grounds and university campuses. Talking about parking way lighting, better visibility ensures no cars cramming into each other and no news of thefts etc. LED pole lights can be mounted Read More