How Does Existing Lighting Situation Affect My Choice of LED Canopy Light?

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If you are starting from scratch, that is either working on a newly constructed site or going in for new fixtures zero to hundred, it is relatively easy to work on lighting as you get full freedom. But if you wish to redo the old fixtures with upgraded lighting technology- Read More

Application Areas of LED Tube Lights

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"LED tubes are quite versatile as they can be used just about anywhere. The only limitation they face is that they cannot provide upward and downward lighting simultaneously (take for instance office luminaires suspended from the ceiling above and emitting light both ways). Industrial production premises, retail stores, warehouses, parking Read More

Ceiling Lighting for Commercial Spaces

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"Ceiling lighting plays a major role in defining the aesthetics of a place. In commercial spaces like schools, labs, retail-store chains, offices, and conference rooms etc. lighting becomes all the more important. LED troffer lights (also referred to as ceiling lights) are widely used in such places because of their Read More