Buy Outdoor LED Wall Pack Light

19 $

Light up the well-planned exteriors/ entryways of your home or building with impressive brightness with LED Wall Packs by LEDMyPlace. Our LED Wall packs have 80+ CRI which means the color of an object under the light source appear the same as they would under natural light. LED Wall Packs Read More

Buy Indoor Light 8ft LED Tube

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ENERGY SAVING: Save Up to 60% on your electricity bill by replacing 100W fluorescent tubes with 40W LED. UL, CE, ROHS Approved; one of the BRIGHTEST bulbs on the market. EASY INSTALLATION: Existing ballast needs to be removed or by-passed; LONG LIFESPAN: > 50,000 hours. SPECIAL CONTRACTOR & DISTRIBUTOR PRICING Read More

Slim And Sleek Design LED Canopy Lights (Dimmable) – For Sale

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BRIGHTEST LED CANOPY LIGHTS IN THE MARKET – 1. Stay ahead of your competitors with the brightest LED Canopy Light/ Gas Station Light by LEDMyPlace. 2. Designed to work best for Convenience Store Lighting, Gas Station Lighting, Motel Lighting, Metal Building Lighting, Walkway Lighting, Garage Lighting & more. 3. Eligible Read More

Buy Best LED Flood Light Outdoor

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Our outdoor LED FLOOD LIGHT uses the latest AND the best lighting technology for long life, and high efficiency; NEW SLIM AND SLEEK DESIGN. UL, DLC, CE, ROHS Approved; one of the BRIGHTEST FLOOD LIGHTS on the market. Buying and using conventional bulbs and fixtures also means that you incur Read More