200 Watt LED Flood Light — Is It A Good Choice For Warehouse Lighting?








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Though a 200 watt LED flood light is a versatile flood light to be made use of in any commercial space or any sports facility or even billboards, it is also good for lighting up of a warehouse where you can have one 200 watts LED flood light or more than one, depending on the area of your warehouse and also the height of the ceiling from the ground where the floodlight is to be mounted. Normally, 250 feet requires around 5000 lumens and 300W to 480W of LED flood light.

There are a few key points that must be kept in mind while considering lighting for a warehouse.

Warehouses with high ceilings require an appropriate lighting system to illuminate the entire space so as for the workers to be able to work and complete the tasks successfully. A 200 watt LED floodlight can provide a lumen output of 23,000 lumens and can replace a 400-watt metal halide flood light. From 10-25 feet of ceiling height, this lumen output is good enough with a 200 watt LED floodlight capable of providing consistent quality light until its service life of 50,000 hours. There is no lumen degradation unlike in case of metal-halides when the light nears the end of its service life
With mounting options such as yoke and knuckle,
The LED flood lights are IP65 certified which means a 200 watt LED flood light fixture is made to be dust and water-resistant to protect against any damage caused due to dust or moisture.
Often the 200 watts LED flood lights may come with in-built dimmers and timers to save on energy but if they are not in-built, they could be bought separately. You must always have dimmers so that during the inactive hours you could dim the lights and reduce the energy consumption
When your workers work for long hours, you need to make sure, the lights carry no UV or IR radiation in the beam as they are hazardous to health. A 200 watt LED flood light is just that
A long service life of a 200 watt LED floodlight brings down your maintenance and replacement costs

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